OFF BROADWAY AT 59 E 59 (2017)  –  Lucky

Diego is a former infantryman of the United States Marine Corps. His unit was deployed to Afghanistan shortly after 9/11, as one of the first responders of Operation Enduring Freedom. This production is extra special to him because of this. He is very proud to be a part of such a talented team. 

Born in the US of Ecuadorian parents, he and his family moved to Ecuador at the age of 5, where he grew up until he graduated high school at 17. Upon graduation, he immediately went to Boston to fulfill a lifelong dream (his second, next to acting) of joining the Marines. He served for four years, and then moved to NYC to get to work on that first dream he had since watching E.T. as a child. 

Diego would like to thank Mollye and the entire creative team, for this opportunity. A special thanks to his always supporting family, and his fellow actor and mentor Joe Wissler. 

Diego can be seen in next year's The Upside, starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart.