THE Play


In a universe with both exacting realism and blazing, theatrical physicality, OCCUPIED TERRITORIES sears with love amid the persistent residue of war. When Jude enters her estranged father’s basement on the night of his funeral, she unleashes his secret past. As she digs, two worlds collide, challenging everything she always believed about her family, her father, herself. This powerfully intimate theatrical event carries us between a suburban basement and a jungle a lifetime away.


Created by researching the lives of US Combat Veterans and their familiesOCCUPIED TERRITORIES reveals painful and beautiful truths without comment, in all their rawness.  OCCUPIED TERRITORIES is not an anti-war piece; nor is it a pro-military piece. It is a theatrical event that offers a specific lens into war’s legacy.  As one man said after seeing the play: “Occupied Territories is not a political piece. Much more powerfully, it is a love story: within a family and between soldiers."

OCCUPIED TERRITORIES is cinematic in nature. It moves seamlessly between two worlds and eras: 1967 Vietnam and 2011 America. It slips effortlessly between the real and the surreal. Its architecture is built of story, relationship, language, and movement. It is a compelling and kinetic experience that will stay with you long after you leave the theater.


OCCUPIED TERRITORIES won the HELEN HAYES AWARD for Outstanding Choreography and was nominated for Outstanding New Play, Ensemble, and Direction.